Hurricane Irma Update #2

Good afternoon,

We know everyone agrees we are fortunate to have as little damage as we do. However, with the septic plant down HBBC is uninhabitable. There is no way for waste water to be delivered to the plant or processed through. If people begin trying to run water, flush toilets, etc. it will just compound any issues we may have with the plant. We have treated, semi-treated and untreated waste water sitting in tanks exposed to the elements.

This is a health issue and puts people at risk. For this fact alone the Board is issuing a “No Stay Order” not allowing any person to remain on the grounds overnight until the plant has been inspected by Water Solutions and is up and running properly.

We know homeowners want to come and check their property as soon as possible. To accommodate this, owners may come to the property from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM for this purpose starting Monday. (If the ferry is back in service.) The ferry will run once at 10:00 AM to bring people over, and 2:00 PM to take them off. From the hours of 2:00 PM thru 10:00 AM there would be a curfew where no one would be allowed on the property except for Captain Doug, his staff, Sunstate personnel, board members, law enforcement, fire/rescue personnel and repair workers. Anyone else allowed on the property would be at the discretion of the board. We have been in contact with Placida Beach Condos and will keep them informed of any decisions we make. We will keep them apprised as we work through getting the plant back on line. As we know any waste water from them will impact the plant.

No electric or water service obviously is also an issue. FPL indicates they anticipate 99% of power will be restored by September 22.

From speaking with people, as of last night Gulf Cove has power back but Englewood and Manasota Key do not. Without power, water or septic we feel there is no reason anyone should be staying at HBBC. We know everyone is anxious to get back out to HBBC to check on their homes and get back to normal as quickly as possible. If we take precautions now, and let Captain Doug and his team do their work, we think that will help us get there much faster. Part of that work will be disposing of the perishables in everyone’s refrigerator and freezer, as we’ve been without power for over 5 days and 80 to 90 degree temperatures.

Ed Olson with Sunstate Management has reached out to Andy Dixon to let him know that we fully support him using our barge landing to bring out the equipment needed to get our island back in shape. This is a relationship that is good for everyone.

Please stay safe and we will keep you informed.

Thank you,
Your Board of Directors
and Sunstate Management