Hurricane Irma Update #3 – A Word From The President

HURRICANE IRMA UPDATE #3 - A Word From The President
Good afternoon,

Apparently power was intermittent yesterday, so we still need to be cautious until we learn that it is consistently on and the septic is functioning adequately. As of now A building and the Caretaker’s quarters have no power at all.

We also learned yesterday that power won’t be back at the lock for another week. That means no ferry! Efforts are being made to re-power while she is in dry dock so we don’t have to take her out of service for that at a later date.

Emit from Water taxi has agreed to take our wasted food off on his pontoon boat, and that is planned for today and tomorrow. We will have a pontoon boat tomorrow also to use for cleanup.

Scott Sebor with Water Solutions inspected the wast treatment plant today. The levels were extremely high and he has started a draw down to bring the levels down to there normal heights.

We will be able to return to our normal ferry run times on Monday however the boat will be limited to 5 people at a time.

Lots of moving parts!

Ed, thanks for all your effort on our behalf!

Thank you for your patience and understanding,