Hurricane Irma Update #4 – An Update From The President

HURRICANE IRMA UPDATE #4 - An Update From The President
Good evening,

I wanted to give everyone answers to some of your questions.

  1. Electricity was on sporadically since late last week. We believe it is stable now.
  2. The ferry remains out of service as we decided to move up the repowering now so as to not pull it out of service later.
  3. Once the ferry is back, we’ll use one of the old motors for the skiff.
  4. While the ferry is out, the marina lent us a pontoon boat to resume passenger service on a limited basis. More importantly, we can use it to remove debris.
  5. The waste treatment plant has power and was inspected late last week by Water Solutions. It is running, but near overflow. The update from Scott Sebor today is everything looks to be running well. The tank levels are starting to lower and should be to normal levels by the end of the week. Please be mindful about the amount of water going into the system.
  6. The refrigerators were emptied in the buildings where there was no power. The remaining buildings are to be emptied as soon as possible. The delay was caused by not having a pontoon boat until Friday and being short staffed.
  7. The tenting for C, I, J and K building has been rescheduled. All four will be done the week of November 6th.

Doug and his team have been working extremely hard to get things back together and should be commended for all they do for us.

We continue to work hard on communications. Our newsletter, web site, Committees, monthly board meetings, etc. I also want to thank everyone for their patience through this trying time and look forward to getting things back to normal. This will be the last update on Irma.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ed Olson with Sunstate Management at 941-822-9060 or email

Hope this helps,