A Note from The President re Annual Meeting

Much has happened at Hideaway since last year’s Annual Meeting.
Early on in the year, our fire suppression system failed, and we considered multiple options. The Board unanimously voted to move from maintaining a 30-year-old system to connecting with Little Gasparilla Water Utility. The conversion went smoothly and we are pleased to now have a better solution!
The owners’ boat dock was badly in need of replacement, which was accomplished over the summer. Similarly, the beach boardwalk needed significant repairs and we opted to replace the wood with a longer-lasting composite.
We had a roofing analysis conducted and are replacing shingles on two roofs and securing them to meet code. You will have an opportunity to vote on a shingle color change.
Painting buildings E & H will be completed by year end. First order of business was to prepare the buildings for painting by completing minor repairs and power washing the decks and stairs.
We continue to face termite challenges in several buildings and are likely to tent two buildings next spring.
Work has continued throughout the year on landscaping and trimming. We believe the grounds have never looked better!
Most importantly, we were happy to welcome Mike Barter and his wife, Ann Marie, to our Hideaway family as Caretaker. There will be a reception for Mike & Ann Marie following the Annual Meeting.
As to our upcoming Annual Meeting, there are a few items that need your vote. We ask you to please send in your proxy ASAP. If you plan to attend in person, you can claim back your proxy at the meeting.
Finally, Sunstate would like to prepare a new Owners’ Directory. Please make sure that your information is correct and sent back to Sunstate.
The Board looks forward to your participation in this year’s owner voting process!
Don Gagnon
Hideaway Bay Beach Club

Please be sure to send in your proxy. This shingle color change will require
75% of unit owners to approve this change.


New Renter/Guest Agreement & Ferry Pass

We have a new ferry pass that will be used beginning November 1, 2019. The old passes will no longer be accepted after November 30, 2019. Please remind your renter/guest that only those listed will be able to ride the ferry. This pass will need to be shown to the captain on both the island and mainland sides each time to board the ferry. The completed and signed passes should be emailed to the CAM (edward@sunstatemanagement.com) and the caretaker (HBBC2015@yahoo.com) prior to your guest arrival.
The new ferry pass/agreement was designed so that there is more room to fill out the guest information making it easier for the captains to identify who is riding the ferry. The overall ferry pass/agreement is the same information as before in an easier to read format. The new form is available on the COA Owner’s Only page.
HBBC Board of Directors

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