Hurricane/Disaster Plan

Notification will be provided to all owners when the Plan is implemented.

All owners/guests/renters MUST leave HBBC property when the eye of a tropical storm/hurricane is within a 200-mile radius of the complex.

The Association reserves the right to ask all owners/guests/renters to leave HBBC property when a tropical storm/hurricane is outside of the 200-mile radius, if the storm is projected to make landfall in the immediate area.

The Ferry and Skiff will not be available for use by owners/guests/renters when the wind exceeds 25 miles per hour, which may be much earlier than the projected impact for the area. The boat captains have the authority to decide when the last run will be made.

Owners/guests/renters are responsible for the removal of personal belongings from balconies and other exposed areas. Owners are responsible for securing their own units. The on-site staff’s responsibility is to the Condominium property as well as the ferry and skiff, which must be moved to safe locations. The staff cannot be counted upon to help individual owners.

Due to ferry schedules, if your unit is managed by an agent, make sure that person is kept informed and has ample time to secure your unit and return to the mainland before the ferry service is discontinued.

All owners who leave for the summer months are asked to empty refrigerators to avoid problems due to power outages. As an extra precaution owners/guests and renters should consider disconnecting any electronic equipment to avoid damage from power surges.

All owners who have guests/renters in their units have the responsibility of providing them with information necessary for their safety. Information regarding Charlotte County shelters, surge zones and evacuation routes may be accessed on line at There is no storm shelter at HBBC.

All applicable insurance policies are in place through the Association’s agency, Atlas Insurance. Current Association records will be moved to a location off-island. All computer data will be backed up.

Owners will not be allowed to return to HBBC until the Association has verified that water, sewer and electricity are available.

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